• Elastyczny nieizolowany wąż dystrybucji powietrza Ø225 długości 6 m
  • ADH-225-NI-6000
The Ø225 mm hose system is used in conjunction with VAM 15 MK II and VAM 40 MK II heating units. It is designed to be used as a standard air distribution solution to fit different types of tents. Each end of the hoses has a metal ring, which will be pushed into each other and hold tight together by a simple to use
rubber strap.

This hose is used to distribute the air inside the tent. It is connected to the insulated 3 m hose coming from the unit and normally lie down on the tent floor nearby the tent wall. It is non insulated, green (RAL 6031), fire retardant (DIN 4102 B1) and with a weight of 3 kg. The air outlet is through small holes, placed at 2 o’clock. The hose length of 6m should normally fit most the tents on the market.

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  • ADH-225-NI-6000 - Non insulated flexible 6 m air distribution hose Ø225


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